Interventional Actions
- Attend to, guide, and forward problematic situations;
- To promote intervention, articulated with other services, so as to provide children and young people a caring, affectionate environment, that meets and respects the necessities of each individual, thus humanising the context of their assistance;
-  To create strategies, working in partnership with schools, so as to minimize stigmatization and academical exclusion (absenteeism and dropping out of school prematurely)
- Providing assistance and guidance  to children in risk;
- Dynamization of the Volunteer group;
- Selecting and lending ludic and bibliographical materials;
- Organisation and participation in fund raising campaigns as well as distribution/delivery of donations.
- To promote good practices and to share experiences that allow for better adaptation of attitudes when facing children/young people;
- To sensitise local structures and society at large to the problems surrounding Missing and/or Sexually Exploited Children;
- To Implement (in)formative and sensibilisation actions for the defense of children's rights, to play, to rest, to leisure time, the right to participate in games and activities in their own city. (cf. Art.º 31º da Convenção sobre os Direitos da Criança (cf. 31st article of the Children's Rights Convention));
- To guide and supervise curricular internships;
- To accompany and frame volunteer work;
- To research and make the thematic bibliography available;
- Keeping Doc-Base updated.
- Designing, organising and implementing of (in)Formative/Sensitisation actions;
- Participation and intervention in Meets, Seminars, Colloquies;
- Gathering, selecting and systemisation of information;
- Providing services online and in person;
- Computerise documentation;
- Collaboration in the editorial activity of the Instituto de Apoio à Criança  (Child Care Institute) (website and newsletter).
- To promote articulation between partner institutions;
- To collaborate with different institutions/entities in the definition of new interventional strategies;
- To promote mediation through Gabinetes de Apoio ao Aluno e à Família(Student and Family Support Offices);
- To promote mediation between the entities involved in the Crianças Desaparecidas e/ou Exploradas Sexualmente(Missing and/or Sexually Exploited Children) project.
1- Participation in Partnership Projects : Rede Social(Social Networks); Comissão de Protecção de Crianças e Jovens de Coimbra (Comission for the Protection of Children and Young People of Coimbra); Rede Europeia Anti-Pobreza Nacional(European Anti-Poverty Network)(REAPN); Programa Escolhas(Choices Program).
2- Dynamisation of School Mediation projects:
- Implementation, dynamisation and technical support of the GAAF(Student and Family Support Offices);
- Support and following up on the situations pointed out to us by the GAAF;
- Supervision of actions promoted by the GAAF;
- Implementation of different tools for School Mediation;
- Pedagogical support and assistance, and evaluation of actions undertaken by interns;
- Support in the completion of academic work;
- Elaboration of Projectos de Candidatura (Candidacy Projects) for financing and/or partnerships;
- Organization / Participation in seminars and meetings;
3 – Dynamization of the Rede Construir Juntos (Building Together Network)
- Articulation with SOS;
- Child and with the Projecto Rua(Street Kids Project);
- Família para Crescer(A Family to Grow Up);
- Sensitization of partner institutions towards the centralization of information pertaining to the issues surrounding missing and/or sexually exploited children;
- Diffusion, through the partner network, of alerts pertaining missing children;
- Forward of information pertaining to children's issues and problems;
- Elaboration and distribution of the Folha Informativa(Informational Newsletter);
- Creation of a database of institutions and the resources that each institute provides to the Network;
- Promotion de Encontros Temáticos(Thematic Meetings), in centers, with the intent of exchanging methodologies and good practices;
- Planning and dynamisation of Workshops;
- Participation in a  community of practice (Plataforma Digital (Digital Platform)) with the intention of sharing information amongst its partners.

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