The travelling exhibition CHILDREN OF THE WORLD – WITH RIGHTS, is available upon request.

The exhibit can be requested by any institution, namely by Preschools, Elementary, and Secondary schools.

As an open exhibit it may be requested and can remain on display during a given period of time in the requesting institution (See the Availability Schedule for the Exhibition)

The Waiver of Liability is the only document that must be printed, completed, signed and delivered upon evaluation of  documentation or it can be mailed to:

Instituto de Apoio à Criança

CEDI - Centro de Estudos, Documentação e Informação sobre a Criança (Children Research, Documentation and Information Centre)

Largo da Memória, 14

1349 - 045 Lisbon

The requesting schools/institutions are asked to carefully read the regulations for requesting the exhibit and that they also bear the following in mind: When students visit the exhibition they must be accompanied by someone in charge who can conduct and/or explain the proposed activities;

The location where the exhibition is on display must be closed (sealed off) when no one in charge is present;

When the exhibition is finished is must be disassembled and packed by the requesting party, being sure to always keep the chests With exhibitors in a horizontal position as they must be sent to the IAC as such;

Someone in charge needs to be present as the exhibit is being put together in order to provide instructions regarding assembly and disassembly, as well as packaging of the materials.

Request Form
Statement of Responsibility
Availability Schedule
Assessment Questionnaire
Exhibition Guide
Exhibition Rules

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