"Portugal, 30 anos de ludotecas. Uma aventura no mundo lúdico." (Abecasis, V., Lourenço, A., Santos, L., 2011) ("Portugal, 30 years of toy libraries. A playful Adventure")
With the goal of promoting the work done by the toy library movement in Portugal, we intend to provide information regarding any news and updates on a regular basis, by disclosing projects, works, articles and activities related to the movement. And so, with this goal in mind, we're promoting an article, which has been published in the book "Brinquedoteca - Uma Visão Internacional" ("Toy Library - An International Vision") which is all about the toy library movement in Portugal.
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"Porquê Brincar no Hospital?" (Santos, L., 2011) ("Why Play at the Hospital?")
Playing is essential to Children. Playing must be recognised as a developmental necessity, as important as sleeping and eating. Playing helps in the construction of personality, it allows children to explore the world that surrounds them, to discover the causes and the consequences - playing allows a child to find it's own place in the world and to play a role which modifies itself over the course of it's development. In pediatrics, the activity of playing has it's own characteristics, which are directly connected to the hospitalisation situation.
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Toy Safety
The toy is not a superfluous accessory. Nowadays, toys fulfil an essential role in a child's life. They are multi-purpose objects, which contribute to the development of various aspects of one's personality. Parents, education professionals and those who sell them must be aware of this reality.
The Actividade Lúdica (Playing Activity), which has worked on toy safety, would now like to give you some information on the topic.
Folhetos Informativos da AL

Antes de Oferecer…
The Actividade Lúdica of the IAC has created an informative brochure, which intends to guide toy purchases, and, seeing as videogames have, now more than ever before, become a part of everyday life for youths, we have included some tips about them.
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Abecasis, V., Lourenço, A., Santos, L. (2011)

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