- Daytime and Nightly tours

The preferred intervention methodology utilised by the entertainers and technicians of the Street Kids Project, consists of treading, whether on foot, or on the Unidade Móvel Lúdico (Ludic - Pedagogical Mobile Unit), areas that are considered to be at social risk, and which have problems that can be counted amongst the worst forms of child labour exploitation, and this is done with the goal of diagnosing risk situations that involve children and youths in the city of Lisbon.

This is done on a weekly basis, both the daytime, and nightly tour.

- Of Ludic and Pedagogical character.

- Organisation of workshops

- Family Entertainment

- Community Entertainment

- Outdoor activities

- Weekend and vacation spaces

-Socioeducational visits

- Of educational and formative character

- Formative and awareness raising initiatives

- Training of social and personal skills

- Parental training

- Organisation of a children exchange program

- Organisation of thematic sessions in schools

- Of psychosocial character

- Psychological evaluation/monitoring of the family situation

- Home visits

- Integrated home Visits

- Family reunions

- Forwarding to services

- Orientation in the organisation of domestic chores

- Of interinstitutional character

- Coordination with partners

- Participating in community groups

- Mediation

- Intervention using the integrated model

- Participation in national and international social networks

- Elaboration of integrated intervention plans

- Consulting for national and international projects

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